1. When the fire brigade is on site, it is the duty of the ERO to tell the fire brigade what to do.
2. In principle, you conduct a reconnaissance with 2 EROs.
3. An ERO is on the scene more quickly in the event of an incident than the fire brigade, ambulance or police.
4. By acting quickly, the ERO influences the smoke development and smoke spread.
5. You make a risk assessment by looking, thinking, doing and checking.
6. EROs must always be alarmed via a walkie-talkie.
7. An evacuation drill is advised at least once a year (e.g. by the NIBHV and the Labor Inspectorate).
8. An ambulance (legally) has a maximum response time of 8 minutes and a fire service of 15 minutes.
9. The safety of others is the highest priority for an ERO.
10. Every company must have at least 1 ERO.


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